March 6, 2012

Kyle & Julianna- Laguna Beach Wedding Photography

This weekend was beautiful!  The weather was amazing and I got to be at the beach both Saturday AND Sunday.  The most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in a long time.  And to top it all off, I got to photograph this awesome couple!

Laguna Wedding Photography24

Kyle is in the army and living in Texas.

Laguna Wedding Photography01Laguna Wedding Photography02Laguna Wedding Photography03Laguna Wedding Photography04

Julianna has been living in Puerto Rico finishing up school.

Laguna Wedding Photography05Laguna Wedding Photography06Laguna Wedding Photography07Laguna Wedding Photography09Laguna Wedding Photography10

They have been doing the long distance thing for a while and are SO excited to be getting married.

Laguna Wedding Photography11Laguna Wedding Photography12Laguna Wedding Photography13

They had an intimate wedding on the beach at sunset with their closest family and friends.

Laguna Wedding Photography14Laguna Wedding Photography15Laguna Wedding Photography16Laguna Wedding Photography17Laguna Wedding Photography18Laguna Wedding Photography19Laguna Wedding Photography20

I mean… look at that sunset!

Laguna Wedding Photography21Laguna Wedding Photography22Laguna Wedding Photography23Laguna Wedding Photography25

There’s just something about this one that I love.

Laguna Wedding Photography26

Laguna Wedding Photography27Laguna Wedding Photography28Laguna Wedding Photography29Laguna Wedding Photography30Laguna Wedding Photography31Laguna Wedding Photography33Laguna Wedding Photography32What a joy to be a part of your day, Kyle & Julie!!!!

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