April 4, 2012

Meagan & Stephen – Dana Point Wedding Photography

Dear Meagan & Stephen,

Your day was perfect!  Meagan, I remember when you first met Stephen and were figuring out what you thought of him.  Seemed to me that you liked him from the very beginning, building your relationship through friendship.  And Stephen, the way you adore Meagan is so sweet.  You two just work so well together!  It was so much fun being a part of your day.

When I first met you I saw you as Heidi’s cute little sister.  What a joy it was to see you transform into a beautiful bride!  Meagan, you were stunning!

Dana Point Wedding Photography1Dana Point Wedding Photography3Dana Point Wedding Photography4Dana Point Wedding Photography5Dana Point Wedding Photography6

When we walked up the stairs to meet Stephen you stopped and commented on how handsome he looked standing there.  You told me this was your favorite moment of the day.

Dana Point Wedding Photography7

From the look on his face, it may have been Stephen’s too!

Dana Point Wedding Photography8Dana Point Wedding Photography9Dana Point Wedding Photography10Dana Point Wedding Photography11Dana Point Wedding Photography12

Stephen, the cuff links you made were AWESOME! (Stephen works for Red Digital and these are the little logos that actually go on their cameras)

Dana Point Wedding Photography2Dana Point Wedding Photography13Dana Point Wedding Photography14

The look in your eyes was priceless!

Dana Point Wedding Photography15Dana Point Wedding Photography16Dana Point Wedding Photography17

You’re married!

Dana Point Wedding Photography18Dana Point Wedding Photography19Dana Point Wedding Photography20Dana Point Wedding Photography21Dana Point Wedding Photography22

You guys look GOOD!!!

Dana Point Wedding Photography23Dana Point Wedding Photography24Dana Point Wedding Photography25Dana Point Wedding Photography26Dana Point Wedding Photography27

Thank you for allowing me to spend your day with you!  I love you guys!!!!!

Love, Jen

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