April 9, 2012

Palak & Simmy- Fullerton Maternity Photography

Palak & Simmy,

What a treat you guys gave me!  I was privileged to be a part of your wedding celebrations over two years ago.  But then I got to hang out with you two again as you get ready to start your family.  What a precious time.  You’re in those last few weeks of it being just the two of you.  SO SO soon there will be a little peanut joining your household, changing your lives forever!  I’m so excited for you!

Palak, I don’t know that I’ve seen a more beautiful pregnant woman.

Fullerton Maternity potraits1Fullerton Maternity potraits2Fullerton Maternity potraits3

You have the most perfect round belly.

Fullerton Maternity potraits4Fullerton Maternity potraits5

And your dress could not be more perfect.

Fullerton Maternity potraits6Fullerton Maternity potraits7Fullerton Maternity potraits8Fullerton Maternity potraits9


Fullerton Maternity potraits10

This baby is going to be so loved.  I just love your face here Simmy!  Already making cute baby sounds.

Fullerton Maternity potraits11

OK stop it.  You look amazing.

Fullerton Maternity potraits12Fullerton Maternity potraits13

I couldn’t pick which one of these belly shots I liked better.  Anyone want to take a vote?

Fullerton Maternity potraits14Fullerton Maternity potraits15Fullerton Maternity potraits16Fullerton Maternity potraits17I can’t wait to meet the new little guy!  You are going to be such great parents.

Love, Jen

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