June 13, 2012

Featured in The Knot!

Recently I got a package in the mail.  I looked at the return address and tried to figure out what it would be.  What did I order?  I seriously sat there for about a minute trying to figure it out.  Why I didn’t just open it right away, I don’t know.  Sometimes I’m funny like that and just want to figure it out on my own.  I didn’t this time though.  When I finally gave up and opened the package, I found a FUN surprise!  Copies of the Southern California Fall/Winter issue of The Knot!  But what was so exciting about this was that Humberto & Griselda’s wedding was featured in it!

I know!  So cool!  What an honor!

The Knot feature1The Knot feature3The Knot feature2

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