June 15, 2012

Carolyn Gialamas- Financial Fitness- Fullerton Headshot Photographer

I love talking about financial stuff.  Especially budgeting, saving money and a good bargain.  So I had a blast when I got together with Carolyn Gialamas, my new friend from the Fullerton Chamber, to do some new headshots for her.  She is all about getting people’s finances in order.  I love the name of her business, Financial Fitness Training.  We talked about the getting back to the important things in life like spending time with family and how some of the memories we make with each other don’t cost a dime.  We also bonded over our love for the Goodwill and the 99 cent store.  A girl after my own heart!

And she’s just cute as a button!

Fullerton Chamber 1Fullerton Chamber 2Fullerton Chamber 3

Jen: Describe what you do?

Carolyn: I do one-on-one personal coaching to help people learn to organize and manage their personal finances.  I do not sell products, I just coach on determining net worth, setting up spending plans, and getting the whole financial “house” in order.

Jen: How did you get started?

Carolyn: I got started almost 6 years ago when I left a 17-year banking career where I was a Vice President and had earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.  I decided that there were too many people that were making a good living and still struggling or had very little to show for their hard work.

Jen: What do you love most about what you do?

Carolyn: I love seeing people make positive changes in their financial lives that many times transfer to many other areas of their lives.  It feels great when a client tells me how much more confident they feel about their finances and their future!  I feel that I give people hope and that makes me happy!

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