August 16, 2012

Josh & Kristin- Part 2- Laguna Cliffs Marriott Wedding

Josh & Kristin’s wedding was gorgeous, not only because because they’re awesome and gorgeous people, but also because of the stunning venue and beautiful details.  Totally elegant!

These suitcases were the ones that they used in their engagement shoot.

Kristin’s sitting on them in that photo there at the top.

These favors turned out so cute!!!

Meanwhile… inside the ballroom…

Complete gorgeousness!

Karey wasn’t working with me on this wedding because she was a guest!  She and Josh have been friends since high school.

This chocolate fountain was amazing!  I have to admit, at one point I had chocolate all over my face.  Even on my nose.  That’s not embarrassing at all.

These folks could dance!

Josh & Kristin, thank you for allowing me to share your day with you.  You two are awesome!

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