August 19, 2012

Brightman Family- One special family

Not all of you know this, but my older brother was born with Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair.  People sometimes ask me what that was like growing up, but I never know how to answer that.  It’s definitely a different way to grow up, but I didn’t know any different.

So, kids with special needs hold a special place in my heart.  I recently got a chance to photograph an incredible family.  These parents are pretty amazing.


This is Erica.  She’s got Cerebral Palsy and is just a joy.  Totally hilarious and smart.

Erica loves to spend time on her computer.

And this is Mia.  She’s autistic.  We had fun tickling her and making her giggle.

So cute!

Daddy daughter moment.

Such a pleasure to meet this family!

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