February 1, 2013

The Hammack Family- Pasadena Family Portraits

Nicole is my oldest friend.  I mean…. not my “oldest” friend (sorry Nicole), but the friend I’ve had the longest.  She and I met in mommy and me preschool when we were 3.  We ended up at the same school in 2nd grade and were in the same class together all the way through high school.  Friends like that aren’t just friends.  They’re family.

She now has three little munchkins.  Every year when I take their photos I’m amazed at how much they grow!

Here’s al three of them.  They each feel differently about having their photo taken.

I’m always impressed with how well they get along.  They definitely love each other.

Anthony is the oldest.  He’s not super fond of having his photo taken.  But we try to make it quick and painless to make mom happy and get him back to his video games.  Priorities.  I totally understand.

But one thing he does love is his doggie Lambie.  She’s pretty cute and he doesn’t mind posing for a photo when she’s there.

Then there’s Casey.  She kinda likes getting her photo taken.  At least for now.  She likes to ham it up.

Sidenote: she’s currently selling Girl Scout cookies, so if you need a supplier… I can hook you up!

She liked doing a serious look.  Look at those baby blues!

But we got a lot of smiles too.

And lastly, there’s Ethan.  He could care less about getting his photo taken.  He’s 2.  His mama says he’s naughty.  She once told me that if he had been her first, he may have been her last.  That makes me laugh every time I think of it.  This little guy is such a cutie.  I can hardly stand it!

Oh my goodness…. that face!!!

And so curious about everything.

My friend is a good mommy, who is raising three wonderful kids.

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