February 22, 2013

The Finstons- Fun & the power of Facebook- Huntington Beach Photographer

People definitely have their opinions about facebook.  I guess I do too.  Sometimes I’m addicted to it and spend way too  much time on there.  Other times I’m sick of it and wonder why we seem to to think that everyone wants to know about everything we do.  Sometimes it’s super helpful, using my community as a resource in finding hairdressers, doctors, wedding venues, etc.  Whatever your (or even my) opinion may be today, it’s no question that facebook helps connect people.

Take Erin, for instance.  We went to high school together.  She was a year younger than me and we were on the cheer squad together.  We hadn’t seen each other since I left good ol’ Covina High, but somewhere in the past couple of years we became friends on facebook.  So when it came time to get some family photos done, I got the privilege of reconnecting with Erin and meeting her sweet family!

Look at this handsome boy!

And this little nugget of yumminess!  He kept pointing at trash cans.  It was pretty funny.

Good lookin’ family!

Erin was just about ready to pop with her third…. a girl!  I’ll post photos of her really soon.

Awww… a cute brotherly moment.  I won’t tell you that what’s really happening her is that they got candy as a bribe (I fully support this practice) and they we very distracted and there was no way I was going to get their attention at this point.  Oh whoops…. my secrets out!

The other member of the family.  So sweet.

One more belly shot with some beautiful light.  Pregnant bellies are so fascinating!

Erin, thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!

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