June 21, 2013

The #1 Asked Question

What’s the #1 questions I’ve been asked over my career as a photographer?  OK #2, since of course the “Are you related to Walt Disney” one is obviously #1 (I’m not, just in case you’re wondering).  But the second most asked question over the past 7 or 8 years has definitely been this: “Who will photograph YOUR wedding when you get married?”

Well Southern California is definitely not lacking in the area of wedding photographers.  I know a ton of them!  In the past I would say I didn’t know who I would want to photograph my wedding.  But as the time grew nearer and I knew Tony and I would be getting engaged, the answer was a no brainer.

Miss Ally Michelle Stepp.

Ally was my roommate for about a year and a half and was the person who called me while I was still on my first date with Tony to see how it went.  She was the first person I called after that date and she got to see our relationship develop first hand, more than anyone else.  It was important to me that I hire vendors that I know which I knew would add to the really personal feel of the wedding.  Ally knows us so it would be about as comfortable as it could get!  And above all that, Ally is crazy talented!  I’ve said this to tons of people, but she is definitely one of the most creative people I know.

One of my friends asked me about a month before our wedding when I was going to post OUR engagement photos on the blog.  But We hadn’t done them yet!  Because of work schedules and a bunch of other things, and the fact that our engagement was only 4 months long, we didn’t get around to doing them until a couple of weeks before the wedding!  Yikes!  But we love our photos and think Ally totally rocked it!

Y’all know I love Fullerton so we only actually traveled 2 blocks to do our photos!  We didn’t really have time to go any further, but we didn’t need to!

So we’re pretty silly….. OK… really silly.  And the camera just might make us even more so.

Totally us.


I love this one

Yep.  We’re weird.

OK… HE’S weird! 🙂

The look on my face here is so priceless and SO how I feel about him.

If you remember our first date story, while we were walking around Fullerton, we stopped in Ruta’s and he noticed the Jelly Belly dispenser. He remembered that I love them so he bought me some.  So it’s a tradition, every time we eat there or even if we happen to be walking by, he buys me some Jelly Bellies.  Yum!

Aaaaaaaaand…. we weird again.

Love this.

And this!  You might have seen my posts on facebook when we were building this for the wedding.  Tony thought it would be fun to try and get a photo with it.  I doubted, but we went back to the house and got out a ladder for Ally and here’s what she got.  Amazing!

More to come with wedding photos!

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