July 2, 2013

Gorgeous!- Santa Monica Engagement Session

Travis and Mandy are gorgeous.  I mean just look at them (I’ll give you a second)…… OK am I right?  They could definitely be models.  AND they are just a ton of fun.  That’s a killer combo!

Theirs is the first wedding I’ve ever booked without ever meeting or even talking on the phone!  Crazy!  But when we met at the pier, one of their first hang out spots as a couple, it was like I’d known them for years!  They are super sweet AND they own a Chick-Fil-A, so they must be cool, right? 🙂  Check out what fun we had exploring Santa Monica.

And look…. you can’t even tell that Travis’s pants are soaking wet because I may or may not have gotten them too close to the water and a rogue wave clobbered them not even 5 minutes into their shoot.  🙂

Dang, I love a good alley!

This is either Travis’s Zoolander impression or a look inspired by the Walking Dead, which we discussed in length.  I’m not sure which.  🙂

Travis & Mandy, you guys are a blast!  Thanks for my first ever Umami Burger and the great company!  I can’t wait til your wedding in a couple of weeks!

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