August 1, 2013

Our Wedding- Part 2- Our First Look

I am a huge proponent of the first look, that moment set aside for just the bride and groom where they get to spend a few moments together before the ceremony.  It’s great because it allows you to do more photos before the ceremony so that you can spend more time with your guests.  But the main reason we wanted to do one is so that we could have that time together.  As I got to the ranch, all I wanted to do was see Tony.  I started getting frustrated with everyone at this point because I thought it was taking forever and I just wanted to see my sweetie!  Everyone, get out of my way! 🙂

I just asked Tony what the best thing about doing a first look was, and he said it helped him relax.  He felt like it really allowed him to be present and to really enjoy the ceremony.

Here’s my sweetie going over his vows.  I love the socks he picked out!

Oh my goodness, he’s cute!  Here he is getting ready for a wonderful private moment…..

and my dad comes up behind him.  So my dad.

Our big moment.  I started to cry as soon as I walked around the corner.

So did he.

This is when I was telling him about the journal I had been keeping.  I cried more.

So did he.

Aaaaaand this is REALLY us.  My veil started getting in my way so of course wrapping around my head is the perfect solution.  And Tony had the first of many personal dance parties of the day.

Tony at home in a workshop.

Dude!  I’m SO going to frame this photo of him and put in my office!  He’s so handsome!

That’s my sugar.

I loved the outfit we picked out for him!  New suit, fun shirt and something he can wear again.  Actually, he just wore the shirt and tie on an interview today!

We got some time to get some photos of us around the property.

These three are some of my favorites from the day.

Still more to come…….

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