August 10, 2013

Our Wedding Video!i=2625235113&k=XpqbvCB&lb=1&s=A

I always kinda had the opinion that if you have photos of your wedding, you really don’t need a video. I’m ashamed to admit that, but hey, I’m a photographer! I realized that I really did want a video, especially since photos can’t capture the words we would be saying to each other. At least if we had a video of the ceremony, I would be happy.

Well, in comes Brian, of Pixel That Photography. I have known Brian for a while through a local photography group that I led. He is a very talented wedding photographer who has recently decided to venture into video. And man, is he killing it! He gave us this awesome highlight reel of our day and we absolutely love it!

Check out his blog for some photos he took in between taking video footage.

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