August 19, 2013

The Reception

Yep…. here’s another post about our wedding!  But we’re getting close to the end.  I promise.


You know my thing for keys, so I got a bunch of old keys off of ebay for our escort cards.

When we were picking our songs for the first dance and father/daughter and mother/son dances I felt kinda cliche.  But I love old music and I didn’t care if millions of brides before me have chosen the same songs.  They were appropriate.

What other song but “At Last” by Etta James would we choose for our first dance.  It was perfect.

Karey gave a beautiful and touching toast.  Tony’s favorite part of her toast was when she said that everyone needs a Jen in their life.  Tony said, “Especially me!” to which she responded, “yes you do.  And now you get one!”

My favorite part of Jake’s speech was when he told us about one of his first memories of Tony.  He was in the cafeteria in grad school and ran into Tony at the salad bar.  “As you can imagine, it takes a fair amount of fuel to keep a machine like this size running…. he said something to the effect of ‘Me hungry!’ ”

My dad and I chose Unforgettable for our dance.  We both love Nat King Cole and it just seemed appropriate.

Tony’s mom asked if they could dance to “It’s a Wonderful World”.  I love Louis Armstrong!

One thing I insisted upon was lots of magic lights!

At each place was one of these cards with fun facts about us.  They were a hit!

Karey made some pillows and we put out some blankets to make our guests comfy.

We decided to take some time during the reception to take a few more photos so we could take advantage of the best light of the day.

Oh the light!

Private dance party #5

Us saying hi to my friend Christine who Skyped in from the middle east.

I love photo booths and I’ve always wanted to have one at my wedding.  Actually, I’d be ok if I had one in the house all the time.  They’re so fun!  And one of the best one’s out there is All Star Photo Booth.  The quality of their product is great and they are super awesome to deal with.  I’m so happy that I had them there.  They are from Fullerton too and I’ve been in their photo booth lots of times.  I printed a large print of one of our times in their photo booth last summer.  And Tony built a quick frame for it.

And then we danced.

Or something resembling dancing.

Karey’s husband Zak kept the tunes going for us.  He did an awesome job!

Even Ally hit the dance floor!

I love these two from the end of the night.

It was a wonderful day.  Exactly what we hoped for.  It is true that it’s a blur.  But I enjoyed every second!

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