September 20, 2013

Mandy & Travis- Los Willows Estate Wedding

Man!  Sometimes I forget what a great job I have.  This wedding was an excellent reminder.  I love Mandy and Travis.  They are such sweet people and gorgeous to boot, making my job even easier!

The two of them got married at Los Willows Estate.  This was my first time there and it was really cool.  They actually have a salon on site where the girls can get ready.  They’ve thought of everything!

And check out the bridal room complete with the perfect place to hang the dress. I told you… they’ve thought of everything!

Sweetest moment ever… Travis had written a note for Mandy on the bottom of her shoe.  It was an emotional moment when she discovered it.

He also had a new Bible waiting for her.

Doesn’t she just beam!

Then there’s the guys.  They had their own “getting ready” rituals.

Mandy gave Travis this gorgeous watch.

Geez!  That dress!

Can we just stop for a moment and talk about the flower girl?  This little one had rolls for days!  Just the way I like my babies!

Seriously, how gorgeous is she?

And the handsome groom.

Yeah…. this is pretty awesome.  Groom gets to ride in on this sweet little ride.

And the bride rides in on a boat!

I could photograph these two all day.

Love this tender first dance moment.

What a perfect day!  Thank you, Mandy and Travis, for allowing me to be a part of it.  And everyone go visit the Chick-fil-A in Northridge cuz that’s their store! 🙂

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