March 3, 2014

Taking a Personal Day

I love that my job is a creative one. I can’t believe that I get to make a living taking photos. That’s pretty amazing.
But sometimes I get tapped out. I’m pouring out my creative “juices” for other people all the time, and if I’m not careful, I can reach the point where there’s nothing left to give.

I think I reached that point recently. I knew I needed to fill up again. To do something for myself. So I grabbed my Canon AE-1, the camera I learned photography with, and an extremely expired roll of film and headed to LA.

We went to The Last Bookstore, which was really cool! It was so different to have the limitations of 400 speed film in such a dark place. Could these images be better? Absolutely. If I had my normal equipment, my wide angle lens and the ability to shoot comfortably at 8000 ISO, these images would be completely different. Not so grainy, probably more in focus, I would have had more than 24 frames to get it right, etc., etc.

But sometimes, isn’t life life that? We have limitations. Even more so when we are in our own personal dark places. However, there is a different kind of beauty that comes from that. Beauty in imperfection. In going outside your norm, in trying something new, or, in my case, simplifying things. Going back to my roots. I may reveal where my skills could be better and what I could work on, and that takes courage. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about the process of being creative. For me. Despite the outcome. All judgement aside. Just me, an antiquated camera and some expired film going on a quiet adventure with a wonderful partner by my side.

A quiet adventure into my soul.


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