Room for Two- a.k.a., how to turn a super girly room into something relatively suitable for a man.

A couple of years before I got married I painted my room pink. I was embracing my inner girly-girl and figured I’d better do it now, because if I were to ever get married, pink probably wouldn’t go over well. Well when I said it was time to paint, Tony, the sweet husband that he is said he didn’t mind the pink, as long as we mixed in other not so feminine colors. Like grey. So cute. But no. I would never do that to him.
And besides, pink definitely didn’t match our new bedding.
So here’s the before (s):
… and the after!

I love love love our bedding and the texture of it!


Our headboard was made from an old door that Tony’s dad picked up somewhere. We had used it for the wedding for our escort cards.

And then we stripped it down and voila!

The Mr & Mrs were wedding gifts and we figured this was the perfect place for them. Don’t tell, but we don’t actually sleep under our respective signs. But “Mrs. & Mr.” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Since we decided to get a Cal King sized bed, and boy am I glad we did, we didn’t have any room for bedside tables. But you need somewhere to set a glass of water, or a book. So we came up with these.

Tony built them and I finished them to match the headboard. They are just the right size and exactly what we needed! And man was it fun to take blowtorch to that wood!

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  1. Thanks so much Erica! I love that we can make stuff from scraps! Wait til you see the screen door we made from wood we found by a dumpster!

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