May 20, 2014

The Dress That Keeps Going… and Going…

Well I know I haven’t blogged a lot lately. Honestly, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting our new blog, All Things New, up and running and that’s been really fun. But a few weeks ago we celebrated our anniversary! Can you believe Tony and I have been married for a year! I sure can’t. It has flown by.

So for our anniversary we wanted a little getaway so we went up to Big Bear, where my parents have a little cabin. It was nice to get away to the mountains and just rest and connect. Knowing we would go out to dinner to celebrate, we had an idea.

Some of you remember the story of my wedding dress. Well part of that story involves the fact that my mom actually wore her dress out to dinner for their first three anniversaries, sans the veil and capey-train thing. The next year, she cut it off a little. And the next year…. mini skirts were in. I don’t know if that doll was a gift from my dad for their third anniversary or what… I hope not. 🙂

But can we please talk about that beehive? I believe my mom called that a “wiglet” or a “cascade”. Whatever. It’s tall.2014-05-20_0018

So why not carry on that tradition and wear that same dress, in its current state, out to dinner? I made sure I brought a tri-pod so we could at least attempt to take some photos.
We went out for Indian food and had a great time. And other than one congratulations from the next table over, who of course thought we had just gotten married (we chose not to correct them), pretty much all we got were questioning glances. Not even a free dessert! Come on people!

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