Three Months Already!- Orange County Children’s Photography


I can’t believe our little guy is three months old. In some ways he seems older to me. As I see him grow and mature and watch his little personality begin to emerge, I forget that he’s as little as he is. Well… he’s never been exactly “little”. Some people have told me that he looks like a todler in his photos. Others have said that he looks like an old soul. Or an old man. Maybe it’s the comb-over. 😉

What I do know is that he is a sweet little guy. He wakes up with a smile pretty much every morning. He loves his daddy. He seems to be ok with whoever is holding him, and proceeds to charm and flirt his way into their hearts. He is obsessed with his hands, likes to stick out his tongue and can hold onto toys now. He’s turning into a side sleeper, and as of this morning, not only can he roll from belly to back, but from back to belly! He has a sudden interest in the TV. Enjoyed watching The Voice with mommy and daddy, and the Wiz (with mommy). And he has been recruited by our church choir director to play Baby Jesus in the Christmas program tonight. We’ll see how that goes!

Being a photographer and all, I feel like I’d better stay on top of his monthly photos! There’s an expectation there! So here are his 3 month photos, a few days late.

His face in these crack me up! Looking for a good caption for the third one!
Loves that hand!
And that tongue.

2 Replies to “Three Months Already!- Orange County Children’s Photography”

  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute. Absolutely has “so many faces”, shows a cute, curious, happy personality. Your pictures of him are adorable. I am looking forward to meeting him sometime.

  2. Oh my friend, these photos!!! For real though, Cooper is the cutest baby boy I have seen in quite awhile! He’s perfect! And these photos don’t disappoint!

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