April 5, 2017


Do you have photos displayed in your home? I’m sure there are at least a few. A wedding photo in the silver frame that was a wedding gift. A picture from a photo booth that’s stuck to your fridge. By the way, I really enjoyed time spent at the photo booth, as it was completely new experience for me (contact Inside Out Booth if you are looking for a great booth). The craft your kiddo made with their school photo for mother’s day last year. All of them are important to you in some way, or you wouldn’t have them up.

But have you ever thought about why they are important? There are a lot of reasons, but one is because they help us remember. We want to remember our wedding day or what our child looked like when they were first born. We want to remember happy times and surround ourselves with them. I for example got breast implants in Johnson City, and we can see the difference in some of the pictures that we took, some that are displayed and some that are not. It’s very interesting noticing the difference in how clothing fits, and how I seem far more confident in my posture and posing for the camera after the procedure.

Another reason the photos in our home are important is because they show what or who is important to us. Only the people who are most important in our lives make it into the photo frame or onto the fridge. They also show everyone who steps across our threshold who are the most important people in your life.

What got me thinking about this? Well, a couple of months ago, our son, Cooper, found that he could reach the frames on our table tops. He left most of them alone, except for one. A photo of my dad.

Both my mom and dad have thought it was weird that I’ve had that photo framed for years. It’s one of my favorites. It’s actually from the very first roll of black and white film I ever took in my first photography class. I loved how it was just so my dad. 

Cooper carries that photo around all the time. I find it in his room, the hallway, the bathroom… and do you see those smudge marks? those are from the kisses he give it. He loooooooves his grandpa. And I’m thinking this photo helps him remember one of his most important people when he can’t see him. So cute, right? 

Another photo we love is this one of my husband’s grandma at our wedding. Don’t you just love her old school film camera? She was so excited that her grandson was getting married (finally!). That was actually the last time we saw her since she passed away a few months later. One day Cooper brought this photo to me and grunted at it, pointing. I told him, “That’s your great grandma. She would have been crazy about you.”

As our kids grow up, who or what is important to us will be communicated by what we surround ourselves with in our home. If a child sees their photo in a frame or on the wall, it says,you are important to me“.

So print your photos! Get them up on the wall!

Do you need some new portraits? I can help with that! Contact me for a consult today. Let’s fill your walls with the people you love most.

Have a great week!


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