Christiana’s Preserves-Orange County Headshots


Recently I had the privilege of meeting up with Christiana Christian of Christiana’s Preserves to do some headshots. She makes the most amazing jams and preserves that I’ve ever tasted! So of course I worked in a few jars as part of my payment. Let me tell you…. her apple butter… to die for! I think there’s magic in there.

She has recently been selected by Ball Canning Company as one of their users/makers. She is also working on a food blog Lemons & Twine with delicious recipes and just plain ol’ love of beautiful food! Check her out and follow Lemons and Twine on Intagram.


Come Learn with Me!

So for those of you that were hoping my announcement had something to do with me being pregnant… well… you might be pretty disappointed. I’m not. Pregnant, that is.

But for those of you who are wanting to start a photography business or are feeling stuck and wanting to take it to the next level… well, my announcement may just be great news for you!

I am so excited to offer, for the first time, one-on-one mentor sessions!

I have been running my photography business for almost nine years now (wow, has it really been that long?!?). I’ve done some things right and have fallen flat on my face at other times.

But through the trial and error of it all, I’ve learned A LOT! I’m an open book and I love sharing what I have learned with other photographers. I have created these one-on-one mentoring sessions to help you learn in the best way possible so I will be completely open on how I run my business, from client meetings, to pricing, to final product.

Everyone is at a different place, from dreaming of breaking into the photography biz to needing that extra push to grow your business. Let me help. Your one-on-one session will be customized to fit YOU and what YOU need most. Here are the details:

Mentor Session Postcard


Carolyn Gialamas- Financial Fitness- Fullerton Headshot Photographer

I love talking about financial stuff.  Especially budgeting, saving money and a good bargain.  So I had a blast when I got together with Carolyn Gialamas, my new friend from the Fullerton Chamber, to do some new headshots for her.  She is all about getting people’s finances in order.  I love the name of her business, Financial Fitness Training.  We talked about the getting back to the important things in life like spending time with family and how some of the memories we make with each other don’t cost a dime.  We also bonded over our love for the Goodwill and the 99 cent store.  A girl after my own heart!

And she’s just cute as a button!

Fullerton Chamber 1Fullerton Chamber 2Fullerton Chamber 3

Jen: Describe what you do?

Carolyn: I do one-on-one personal coaching to help people learn to organize and manage their personal finances.  I do not sell products, I just coach on determining net worth, setting up spending plans, and getting the whole financial “house” in order.

Jen: How did you get started?

Carolyn: I got started almost 6 years ago when I left a 17-year banking career where I was a Vice President and had earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.  I decided that there were too many people that were making a good living and still struggling or had very little to show for their hard work.

Jen: What do you love most about what you do?

Carolyn: I love seeing people make positive changes in their financial lives that many times transfer to many other areas of their lives.  It feels great when a client tells me how much more confident they feel about their finances and their future!  I feel that I give people hope and that makes me happy!

Christine Lister, MFT MFC- Fullerton Headshot Photographer

Recently I set some new goals for myself.  One of my goals, which will be an ongoing thing, is that I wanted to be more involved in my community.  How?  Well, first I committed to hanging out at the Night Owl twice a week for 30 days, just to connect with more people and to get to know more business owners in my neighborhood.  The second thing I did was join the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.  So far it’s been really fun!  I’ve gotten the chance to meet a bunch of cool people.

One of which is Christine Lister.  She’s a marriage and family therapist in Fullerton.  We got together a couple of weeks ago to do a little headshot shoot and I got to get to know her a little better.  She’s awesome!  If you’re looking for someone to do pre-marital counseling with or just need help with some tough problems, give her a call.

therapist Headshot photographer1therapist Headshot photographer2I asked her to answer a few questions so that you can get to know her too!

Jen: Describe what you do?

Christine: I work with individuals and families to help them improve their primary relationships. This may include communication and conflict resolution, breaking dysfunctional family patterns, developing new habits or insights to foster personal growth, or strengthening what a person already does well naturally.

Jen: How did you get started and how long have you been doing this?

Christine: After some mid-life soul-searching, I decided to go back to school to get my college degree. From there I dove into graduate school to pursue licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Because of my own journey of healing from past dysfunctions, I felt well-suited to this profession. I’ve been treating individuals and families since 2005.

Jen: What do you love about your job?

Christine: I most enjoy witnessing my clients gain freedom over emotional disability.  Fear and anxiety is what hinders most people from making the positive changes they need to live more fully. I journey with clients for a season to help them develop the courage and skills they need to overcome the inner I help clients tap into the resources they already have to gain the confidence to live a life worth living.

Garden Lessons- Author Photos

Dear Debra,

I am SO excited for you!  When you contacted me to ask me to do author photos for your new book I was excited for a few reasons.

#1. Because you are a wonderful woman with such a sweet spirit and I was excited to get to work with you. You are someone who has known pain and heartache, but who has allowed God to teach you and mold you into the beautiful woman that you are.  I admire that.

#2. Because I got to spend time in your amazing backyard that I have always referred to as “the secret garden”.  A place of such beauty… it’s no wonder God has taught you so many lessons from the garden and I even got help for this with information from

#3. Because I get to have my photos in a book!  Yay!

Here’s the photo you chose for your first official author photo!  And it was fun to find out that the quick shot I snapped of Daisy made it into the book too!

Garden Lessons01

Debra, you are so beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for allowing me to photograph you.

Visit for more info on Debra Vaughn’s book or purchase a copy on amazon or

Here are a few more from our session.

Garden Lessons02Garden Lessons03


Kristin- Pasadena Headshot Photography

I’ve heard that the friends that you make when you’re in the “trenches” are some of the deepest and are the ones that last the longest.  Kristin and I bonded years ago in such circumstances.  When we met we were on the same team preparing to go to Rwanda on a missions trip.  I called her up asked her if she wanted to get together for dinner and that was it.  We were friends.  As we ate delicious salads at Rutabegorz, we discovered that we had tons in common, from similar breakup stories to a love for musical theater.  We ended up being roommates for our entire trip to Rwanda.  She prayed for me when I got sick and they thought I had Malaria (amazingly not getting sick herself even though we were sleeping in the same bed.  I thoroughly believe in Airborne!).  I prayed for her when she got scared in the middle of the jungle (we really shouldn’t have watched Hotel Rwanda right before going there) and told her I would beat up anyone who tried to break in to our guest house.  I remember near the end of our trip, all of us were talking about what foods we missed and what we couldn’t wait to eat when we got home.  I couldn’t wait to have ice cream.  Kristin said she missed romaine lettuce.   Really?  I’m pretty sure I told her she was weird and I think I tease her about that every time I see her.

I’ve watched Kristin make so many bold moves in her career, giving up a teaching career to pursue a future in the entertainment industry.  Her status update the other day was this: “Work perk: smile from Dax Shepherd (from Parenthood) when you drive by on a golf cart.”  It’s so good to see her flourishing and absolutely loving what she’s doing.

We got together to do some new headshots for her recently.  Here are some of my favorites.

Pasadena HeadshotsPasadena Headshots2Pasadena Headshots3Pasadena Headshots4Pasadena Headshots5

I really like this look.  Very crime drama-esque.

Pasadena Headshots9

Pasadena Headshots7

Just had to make one of them kinda gritty.

Pasadena Headshots8

Lindye Galloway/Orange County Headshot Photography

Headshots are so fun!  OK…. I think I say that about everything I shoot.  But I do have an awesome job, right?  Well what I like about headshots is that I get to work with people one on one and bring out their true beauty, which usually isn’t hard at all.

It was especially easy with my friend Lindye.  Lindye is an awesome event planner in Orange County, and just a great person and friend.  She and I got together to shoot some new photos for her new website, which is awesome!   Make sure you check it out.

Check out what we got.  Yes, her skin really IS that perfect.  Stop your hating (and I will try to as well). 🙂

Orange County Headshots1Orange County Headshots2Orange County Headshots3Orange County Headshots4Orange County Headshots5Orange County Headshots7Orange County Headshots8Orange County Headshots9Orange County Headshots10Orange County Headshots11

On the other side of the camera!-Orange County Photography

This is Karey.  She’s awesome.

Karey and I met a couple of years ago at a photography conference.  I had no idea that she would become one of my dearest friends.  At first it was just nice to find a friend that I could talk about photography and business with and ask questions when I needed some advice.  But it’s even more valuable to me to have a friend who will listen to me cry on the phone, will celebrate even the smallest of victories, and who will drive over in the pouring rain to give me a hug after the latest heartbreak. When I need to save money an online editor I use sodapdf software, this that allows anyone to edit a PDF quickly and cheaply.

We got together last weekend to just have some fun shooting.  It was a blast and I’m excited about what I got!

orange county photographer15

orange county photographer14orange county photographer13orange county photographer12orange county photographer11orange county photographer10orange county photographer9orange county photographer8orange county photographer6

When I shot these last few, we had almost zero light left.  Karey kept saying, “I can’t believe you’re even getting anything.”  Yay for my 1.4 lens!

orange county photographer5orange county photographer4orange county photographer3orange county photographer2orange county photographer1

Sign of the times! – Claremont Engagement Photography

I would say that at least 1/4 of the weddings I’ve photographed have been for couples who have met online.  And even more of my friends have married or are dating people they met online.  It’s a sign of the times, for sure!

Now, I have done my fair share of internet dating myself.  So the first bit of advice I give people embarking on this journey is to put up good photos.  You’d be shocked at how many lame profile photos I’ve seen!  “Yeah, that’s a really cool photo of you and General Sherman.  Wait…. is that little speck at the bottom you?”

Lynn was smart.  I met her last year when she asked me to do some headshots for her online profile.



We had a great time and I ended up visiting with her and her daughter, who is a very talented budding photographer herself.  Imagine my delight when late one night I received an email from her that said, “Well, it worked!  I met someone and we just got engaged!  I’d like to talk with you about photographing our wedding!”

These two cracked me up!  They are SO in love!  Like crazy mad about each other.  Like can’t keep their hands off of each other in love.  They should bottle that.  I want me some of that!  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next month!

Claremont Engagement photography1Claremont Engagement photography2Claremont Engagement photography3Claremont Engagement photography4Claremont Engagement photography5Claremont Engagement photography6Claremont Engagement photography7Claremont Engagement photography8Claremont Engagement photography9Claremont Engagement photography10Claremont Engagement photography11Claremont Engagement photography12