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I'm Jen, a Southern California based photographer and it's my honor to create portraits that celebrate some of the most important seasons of life.
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I have had the privilege of photographing this faimly through many stages as they’ve grown. First, when Palak & Simmy were engaged, then as they got married, when they were expecting their first little guy, and now as they anticipate the arrival of the newest little member of their family; a precious baby girl. I […]

Thind Family- Orange County Maternity/Family Photos

March 21, 2016


Last year was a bit crazy… not that this year isn’t, with… ya know… having a newborn and all. 🙂 But there were some really fun shoot with some really great people that never got featured here on the blog-diggity. One of them was when we were up in Napa. I got the opportunity to […]

The Rose Family- Napa Family Portraits

March 11, 2016


What a fun engagement session this was! Colleen & Jeremy just have so much fun with each other. A few years ago the two cuties moved from Pennsylvania to Long Beach for their dream jobs. And they fell in love with their city. The variety that Long Beach has to offer shows so well in […]

Colleen & Jeremy- Long Beach Engagement Photos

March 4, 2016


Can you believe our little guy is 5 months old? Crazy right? He is such a happy baby and people are always commenting on that. Here are some fun facts about Cooper: He is rolling all over the place. When Grammy comes up to say hello to him, he always looks for grandpa. Had his […]

Cooper- 5 Months

February 18, 2016


When I was single I wished that I had a friend that would say to me, “I have the PERFECT person for you!” And then proceed to do everything they could to make the stars align so that we could meet and find that we were indeed meant for each other. Well, Chris & Ashley […]

Chris & Ashley- Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

February 5, 2016


Cooper turned 4 months old this month. It was 20 days ago, but oh well! I’ve decided that I’m going to stop pointing out that I am late in getting his photos up. Because really, nobody else knows or minds but me! So if I get them posted within the month, let’s call that a […]

4 Months with Cooper

January 22, 2016


I had the privilege of photographing another precious baby girl last week. You can tell that her parents are absolutely over the moon in love with her. And is there anything sweeter than a daddy with his baby girl? I think she’s already got him wrapped around his finger. Now that I’ve gone through the […]

Keira Chou- Arcadia Newborn Photography

January 20, 2016


There are A LOT of babies being born lately! There were a lot right around my little Cooper was born and I know of 4 in the past couple of weeks! One of those babies was born to some of my favorite past clients. I photographed Todd & Alisa’s wedding back in 2009 and they […]

Alivia Ryan- Orange County Newborn Photographer

January 19, 2016


I can’t believe our little guy is three months old. In some ways he seems older to me. As I see him grow and mature and watch his little personality begin to emerge, I forget that he’s as little as he is. Well… he’s never been exactly “little”. Some people have told me that he […]

Three Months Already!- Orange County Children’s Photography

December 5, 2015


So, it’s been pretty quiet around this here blog. And rightfully so. We just had a baby! I’d love to introduce him to you…. but first, let’s get caught up on what life has been like the past several months. Well… I was pregnant. (duh) Tony and I tried for over a year to get […]

Introducing… Our Greatest Adventure Yet.

October 16, 2015