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One of the things I love about what I do is that I get to hear lots of  stories.  I love to hear about how two people met and fell in love and even how they got engaged. Sharla and Travis have a great story.  They made me laugh when they told me how Travis […]

Sharla & Travis- Muckenthaler Mansion Wedding

May 24, 2013


Recently I set some new goals for myself.  One of my goals, which will be an ongoing thing, is that I wanted to be more involved in my community.  How?  Well, first I committed to hanging out at the Night Owl twice a week for 30 days, just to connect with more people and to […]

Christine Lister, MFT MFC- Fullerton Headshot Photographer

June 6, 2012


Palak & Simmy, What a treat you guys gave me!  I was privileged to be a part of your wedding celebrations over two years ago.  But then I got to hang out with you two again as you get ready to start your family.  What a precious time.  You’re in those last few weeks of […]

Palak & Simmy- Fullerton Maternity Photography

April 9, 2012


This post is LONG overdue!  I’m finally getting around to posting my dear friend and roommate, Heidi’s wedding! It was such a fun wedding for me to shoot.  The day started with Heidi coming in my room saying, “I’m getting married today!”  She could hardly contain herself and was talking a mile a minute, which […]

Heidi & Chip (at long last)- Fullerton Wedding Photography

January 8, 2011


My Christmas celebrations started early this year.  November 30th to be exact.  And it started with one of my favorite things…. a movie at the FOX theater!  I’ve talked about the movies on the FOX before.  They show free movies on the back of the historic FOX theater in downtown Fullerton.  However…. this might have […]

Christmas Festivities- Part 1

December 10, 2010


One of my very favorite things about Fullerton is the Historic Fox Theater.  They’ve been raising money to restore it for years and I can’t wait til it opens again someday.  But in the meantime they’ve been doing something to bring the community together.  Once a month hundreds of people show up in the parking […]

Fullerton Favorites Friday!-The Fox Theater

October 1, 2010


There are so many great things about my job.  One of my favorite things is all the new friends I get to make.  When I shot Rob & Robin’s wedding (I know… funny, huh?) a couple of years ago, I just fell in love with them.  I had so much fun getting to know them […]

Beautiful Mama-Fullerton Maternity Photos

April 7, 2010


The first time I met with Elyse I thought, “This is my kind of girl!”  I couldn’t wait to shoot her wedding.  Elyse is a graphic designer so needless to say, I got excited as she talked about all of her ideas for the wedding.  And knowing that her and her family were doing it […]

Robert & Elyse – Orange County Wedding Photography

March 31, 2010


I think I love doing senior portraits.  No…… I know I do!  I met up with Renee a while back and we had so much fun.  I drug her all around downtown Fullerton and…. SHE…. ROCKED…. IT!

Renee – Class of 2010 -Fullerton Senior Portraits

December 11, 2009


So I have often mentioned over the past year that I love many things about where I live.  Now don’t get me wrong.  There are a bunch of things I don’t like, like the drunk college kids that walk by yelling at night and break my fence.  But I don’t like to focus on those […]

Fullerton Favorite Things

November 16, 2009