Eric & Kristen (and Miles)- Huntington Beach Engagement Photography

This engagement session was so fun.  I think it’s the first time one of my couples has brought their dog.  Eric & Kristen’s puppy, Miles proved to be very popular!  People kept stopping us to talk to him and ask what kind of dog he is.  He’s just so handsome and has such a great personality.

Eric & Kristen took me to where they take Miles to go running.  It’s also the area where where Eric proposed to Kristen!

Huntington Beach Engagement Photography01Huntington Beach Engagement Photography02Huntington Beach Engagement Photography03Huntington Beach Engagement Photography04Huntington Beach Engagement Photography05Huntington Beach Engagement Photography06Huntington Beach Engagement Photography07

After we had some fun with Miles, we decided to drop him off at home.  While the two of them changed clothes, Miles and I had a little fun.  I think he was a little sad to see us leave, though. 🙁

Huntington Beach Engagement Photography08Huntington Beach Engagement Photography09

These two will have kids with GORGEOUS eyes!

Huntington Beach Engagement Photography10Huntington Beach Engagement Photography11

Eric & Kristen’s wedding is going to be at the beautiful Ponte Winery in Temecula… and I can’t wait!

Huntington Beach Engagement Photography12Huntington Beach Engagement Photography13Huntington Beach Engagement Photography14Huntington Beach Engagement Photography15Huntington Beach Engagement Photography16Huntington Beach Engagement Photography17Huntington Beach Engagement Photography18Huntington Beach Engagement Photography19

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  1. Yay!!! We made the Blog!:) Aww I loved our photo session:) Thank you so much for allowing us to be ourselves in front of you! We can’t wait for our Fall Wedding next year…aww I can only imagine what the photos will be like and I know they wil be AMAZING because you are just so GREAT!

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