February 17, 2010

Snow day! Central Park-NY

Last week I was in New York!  My friend Eddie, that I’ve known since first grade, lives in Manhattan and was kind enough to let me stay with him.  We had so much fun reminiscing about elementary school and LAUGHING. SO. HARD!  He had a few days off work so we were able to go on some adventures together.  What’s even more fun is that his birthday is the day after mine, and since it was both of our birthday week, we got to celebrate together for the first time since 6th grade!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering…. what shows did I see?  Well….. I saw the revival of A Little Night Music, a Sondheim musical starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Broadway LEGEND, Angela Lansbury.  Just one thing to say….. PHENOMENAL!  Then we saw The Fantasicks off-Broadway.  Then I saw Billy Elliot on my own later in the week.  Oh and we went to a really cool restaurant for our birthdays.  Freeman’s is a cool little restaurant, with a kind of English hunting feel, hidden away down this alley.  I stepped in a huge puddle right before heading down that alley…. BUT…. we won’t talk about that. 🙂

Shopping around SOHO, we went in Kate’s Paperie.  Such a cool store.  I saw these lights covered with fabulous paper cut outs.

ny2I couldn’t help taking a photo of this wedding dress they had that was made out of paper.  Nice.

ny3Walking around, I came across this and thought it was cool.

ny1We walked across to Brooklyn, something I’d never done in all my trips to New York.

ny5ny6ny4It was pretty sunny all week, but there was a little surprise in store for me.  On Tuesday, as I came out of Billy Elliot, it had started snowing a little.  Not sticking though.  The next morning, everything was covered in snow!  But the snow was still pretty light and wet.  I went into Bloomingdale’s and then Dylan’s Candy Bar, a really big candy store.

ny7I loved the floor!

ny9ny8But look what was happening while I was inside……

ny10So I made Eddie go over to Central Park so I could get some photos.  He was a trooper!  And we got to experience something that even he, after living there for 11 years, had never experienced!


This shot is the reason I wanted to trek through Central Park.  Poet’s Walk.

ny13ny15Me and my childhood friend Eddie.


It seriously looked like Narnia!

ny18Woo hoo!  What a fun trip!  And I was only delayed by a half a day.  I got home in time to have dinner with my family on my birthday.


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