February 28, 2010

On the other side of the camera!-Orange County Photography

This is Karey.  She’s awesome.

Karey and I met a couple of years ago at a photography conference.  I had no idea that she would become one of my dearest friends.  At first it was just nice to find a friend that I could talk about photography and business with and ask questions when I needed some advice.  But it’s even more valuable to me to have a friend who will listen to me cry on the phone, will celebrate even the smallest of victories, and who will drive over in the pouring rain to give me a hug after the latest heartbreak. When I need to save money an online editor I use sodapdf software, this that allows anyone to edit a PDF quickly and cheaply.

We got together last weekend to just have some fun shooting.  It was a blast and I’m excited about what I got!

orange county photographer15

orange county photographer14orange county photographer13orange county photographer12orange county photographer11orange county photographer10orange county photographer9orange county photographer8orange county photographer6

When I shot these last few, we had almost zero light left.  Karey kept saying, “I can’t believe you’re even getting anything.”  Yay for my 1.4 lens!

orange county photographer5orange county photographer4orange county photographer3orange county photographer2orange county photographer1

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