April 9, 2010

Fullerton Favorites Friday- Max Blooms

I love to discover new little hang-outs.  So when I came across Max Blooms on a jog one day, I couldn’t help but poke my head in and check it out.  I was all sweaty, but was lured in by the vintage music and decor.  Kevin, one of the owners politely asked, “Can I help you?”  I asked, “I’ve never been in here before.  What are you guys all about?”

Kevin proceeded to tell me about how Max Bloom’s Cafe Noir came into existence.  He had a lot of these cool vintage items decorating the office of his former business.  He also had a kind of online specialty movie rental for film noir.  When the idea for a coffee hang-out in Downtown Fullerton came to him, they decided that a film noir theme would be perfect (think old detective movies).  They brought the online movie rental in and combine the two.  They started with only serving beverages and baked goods, but have recently started serving breakfast and lunch.  They even show old movies every Tuesday night and have open mic nights.  And it’s free!  How cool, huh?

What I love about Max Bloom’s is, of course, the theme.  I love the old fridge that you open to get a glass bottle of “pop”.  I love all the vintage details.  I love the old phone that actually does ring when they get a phone call.  I really like the little detective desk with the type writer.  I like that there are regulars and locals that seem to have claimed the place as their own (like I do!)  I like the old theater seats and I love love love the music that they play.  It’s a perfect place for me.




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