September 8, 2010

Oh those shoes!-Olvera Street Engagement Photography

Olvera Street Engagement Photography17

Olvera Street was the perfect location for Humberto and Griselda’s engagement shoot.  They are both proud of their Mexican heritage and want to pull as many cultural elements as possible into their wedding.  So when Griselda told me that she wanted to do their shoot there because of all of the bright colors I was excited!  Then she told me about the shoes she had bought from shoe hungry, for the shoot. Uuuummmm….. yes please!  I couldn’t wait to see the shoes.  And they did not disappoint!

Griselda and Humberto are technically another eharmony story.  I say “technically” because she had been friends with his cousin (I think it was his cousin.  Griselda, correct me if I’m wrong!) for years.  Anyway, on one of the free communication weekends he saw her profile, but not her photo. But he remembered that a girl with the same name and all the same information was his friend on myspace years ago.  So he looked her up and contacted her.  They started dating and knew right away that they wanted to spend their lives together.  So Humberto can thank eharmony for meeting his sweetheart, even though he never actually joined eharmony, as a paying member.  I think he made out pretty well!

I am super excited for their wedding at the Bower’s Museum next year!

Olvera Street Engagement Photography02Olvera Street Engagement Photography03Olvera Street Engagement Photography04Olvera Street Engagement Photography05Olvera Street Engagement Photography06Olvera Street Engagement Photography07Olvera Street Engagement Photography08Olvera Street Engagement Photography09Olvera Street Engagement Photography10Olvera Street Engagement Photography11Olvera Street Engagement Photography12

I loved Griselda’s Frida Kahlo necklace.  It was perfect.  And I LOVE this photo.

Olvera Street Engagement Photography13Olvera Street Engagement Photography14

These cards are from a game called La Loteria, a Mexican game that’s kinda like Bingo.  They are going to be using pieces of the game as a theme throughout their reception.  I can’t wait to see!

Olvera Street Engagement Photography24

Olvera Street Engagement Photography15Olvera Street Engagement Photography16Olvera Street Engagement Photography18Olvera Street Engagement Photography19Olvera Street Engagement PhotographyOlvera Street Engagement Photography20

This Mariachi band was kind enough to help us out with a little mood music.

Olvera Street Engagement Photography21

Humberto bought some cascarones, hallowed out eggs filled with confetti, to break over Griselda’s head.  Traditionally, you’re supposed to break one over the head of the guy or girl you’re sweet on!

Olvera Street Engagement Photography22Olvera Street Engagement Photography23

So much fun!  I had a blast with you guys and I can’t wait until your wedding!

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