Nicki & Josh Part 2 (aka I love Spokane Engagement Shoots!)

I’ve been so excited to share these!

At the last minute, Nicki and I discussed doing a little pre wedding shoot right before we headed to the rehearsal dinner. She told me about this cute dress she had.  She said I would love downtown Spokane.  Uuummm…. she was right.


I don’t think I need to say much about these.  I’m just in love with every one of these images.  I love everything about them.

Spokane engagement 3Spokane engagement 2Spokane engagement 1Spokane engagement 4Spokane engagement 5Spokane engagement 6Spokane engagement 7Spokane engagement 8Spokane engagement 9Spokane engagement 10Spokane engagement 11Spokane engagement 12Spokane Engagmet Photography13Spokane Engagmet Photography14Spokane Engagmet Photography15Spokane Engagmet Photography16Spokane Engagmet Photography17Spokane Engagmet Photography18Spokane Engagmet Photography19

5 Replies to “Nicki & Josh Part 2 (aka I love Spokane Engagement Shoots!)”

  1. Jen,
    These are so beautiful! You are amazing! They capture Josh and Nicki in such a perfect setting. I am so happy that you got to be their photographer! LOVE them. (Oh, and we really miss you! I think you need to need to come out to Colorado sometime soon!)

  2. I went to Spokane several times in the past year and I’m always thinking “so many great backdrops here!” What a feast for the eyes, Jen! Darling couple, rockin’ photos.

  3. These are so great Jenn! They have the best chemistry and you can tell how much in love they are. Really great images Jenn, just beautiful!

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