December 12, 2010

Christmas Festivities-Part 2- Fast Track Christmas Party

Every month I help lead  the Orange County Fast Track Group, a group of photographers that get together to support and learn from one another.  We’ve actually been meeting for  a year now.  Time flies!  So this month I had them all over to my place for an anniversary/Christmas party.   There were a lot of people in my little house, but it was full of laughter and great people!  Man I love these people!

Why is it that people always end up hanging out in the kitchen?

Fast Track Party17Fast Track Party18

John Loyola brought me a little hostess gift.  He knows how much I love Glee!

Fast Track Party19And the awesome Shaun Austin brought over a photo booth.  Oh man, do I love a photo booth.  And so did everyone else.  What a blast!

Jessica Stalder, Amber Fox, Karen Revelle, Emily Ivey

Fast Track Party01

Me, Lorrie Prothero, Tamara Young, Karen Revelle

Fast Track Party02

Oh Tamara…. you crack me up.

Fast Track Party03Fast Track Party04

Kate Noelle, Katie Osborn

Fast Track Party05Fast Track Party06Fast Track Party07

The Grinch…. er…. Jeff Almquist, Danny Mendoza

Fast Track Party08

Karen Revelle, Lorrie Prothero. & Hoiyin Ip

Fast Track Party09

Kate Noelle, Erin Wade, Amy Grover, & Sarah Frenzel.

Fast Track Party10

… and again…

Fast Track Party11

… and again.

Fast Track Party12Fast Track Party13

Charla Blue, Me & John Loyola

Fast Track Party14

Peyton Cooke & Jessica Elizabeth

Fast Track Party15

Mark Williamson, Jennifer Owens, Lorrie Prothero, Peyton Cooke, & Robert Tran

Fast Track Party16

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