January 8, 2011

Heidi & Chip (at long last)- Fullerton Wedding Photography

This post is LONG overdue!  I’m finally getting around to posting my dear friend and roommate, Heidi’s wedding!

It was such a fun wedding for me to shoot.  The day started with Heidi coming in my room saying, “I’m getting married today!”  She could hardly contain herself and was talking a mile a minute, which is usually my job!  I would have thought that she had had too much coffee, but she doesn’t drink coffee.   Just pure excitement!

It was also different because all the getting ready happened at my house!  I got to shoot the first part of the day in my slippers!  How great is that!?!  But the best part was how stunning my dear friend looked.  She was just beaming and was so obviously happy.

Just look.

Fullerton Wedding05Fullerton Wedding04Fullerton Wedding06Fullerton Wedding07

I love these two photos.  The fabulous Karey Michelle often shoots with me, but this one was even more special because she and Heidi are in the same bible study group.  This shows just how far she goes to get the shot!  And I just love Heidi’s expression in the other photo. Such shots usually take a lot of hard work and unless you have the best packages, like the wedding photography melbourne packages at your disposal, you might not be able to get them right.

Fullerton Wedding32

Fullerton Wedding08

Fullerton Wedding09My friend Kim Sanders from Art With Nature Floral Design did the flowers and they… were… GORGEOUS!

Fullerton Wedding02Fullerton Wedding03Fullerton Wedding01Chip’s daughter was the cutest little flower girl.  And Chip was lookin’ quite handsome.

Fullerton Wedding10Their wedding was at Villa del Sol (approximately 3 blocks from my house!).  There are so many great spots to shoot right around there.

Fullerton Wedding12Isn’t she just stunning!

Fullerton Wedding13Fullerton Wedding14Fullerton Wedding15Fullerton Wedding16Fullerton Wedding17Fullerton Wedding18Fullerton Wedding19Fullerton Wedding20Fullerton Wedding21Fullerton Wedding22

Heidi’s dad is a pastor so he gave her away AND performed the wedding.  So special.

Fullerton Wedding23

Such sweet moments between this new family.

Fullerton Wedding25Fullerton Wedding26

Fullerton Wedding24Fullerton Wedding27Heidi’s whole small group was there.

Fullerton Wedding28Fullerton Wedding29Fullerton Wedding31Catering: Brownstone Cafe

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