January 20, 2012

Josh & Kristin Part 2

Josh & Kristin,

When we last saw you, you were all decked out in your handsome uniform and sassy vintage travel wardrobe.  I was wishing I could hop on a plane and go somewhere.  Anywhere!

When you both did your wardrobe changes I was really glad you both put on some boots.  I was glad I wore mine too, cuz remember all the mud I made… er “asked” you to sludge through?  Josh, I’m sure you didn’t find any in your car, right?  Riiiiiiiight.

Now, Chino tends to get a bad rap.  Probably even more since that OC show that was on a few years ago. But look at all the cool places we found for photos.  And after a while we didn’t even smell the cows any more.  OK.  That’s a lie.  But look at that light!  It was totally worth it!

barn engagement shoot6

Kristin, you are radiant!  I can’t wait to see you as a bride!

barn engagement shoot5

Beat up old wood thing that might fall down if you lean on it too much… yes please.

barn engagement shoot4barn engagement shoot1

I just love this photo of the two of you for some reason.  I don’t know why I liked those tires so much.  But thanks for being willing to go sit on them and look awesome!

barn engagement shoot3barn engagement shoot2barn engagement shoot7barn engagement shoot8

And when there are LOTS of cows around, you’re bound to find a barn or two.  This one suit us just fine.

barn engagement shoot9barn engagement shoot10barn engagement shoot12

What did she say that was so shocking, Josh?

barn engagement shoot11

You guys look so peaceful and in love here.

barn engagement shoot13

But Kristin, you were lucky that this guy didn’t bite you in the tookus!  I’ve never seen such a hairy pig before.

barn engagement shoot14barn engagement shoot15Josh & Kristin, I had such a blast with you.  I’m SO looking forward to your wedding and for the months leading up to it.  I’m thankful to have made two new friends!

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