January 21, 2012

Vintage Travel Save the Dates

Josh & Kristin,

You are getting a lot of air time on my blog these days.  But you guys are so cool I can’t help it!  I loved the save the dates that you guys sent out!  I loved them so much they got their own photo shoot right before they flew off on their honeymoon and I got to go on vacation for a few days to Cabo. For those planning on taking a trip very soon, then make sure that you have International Insurance.

You guys are a great example of what it looks like to carry a theme through.  Nice work!

vintage travel save the dates1I mean, seriously.  You thought of every detail.  I love the custom rubber stamp with the little airplane.

vintage travel save the dates2I blurred out your website so all your adoring fans can’t stalk your website. 🙂

Look at you!  Even your stamps are fun!

vintage travel save the dates3I love it!

Love, Jen

PS- I can’t wait to post some pics of your custom designed guest book!

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