February 1, 2012

Megan & Chris (and calling someone the wrong name)-part 1- Fullerton Engagement Photography

Fullerton Engagement Photography20

Dear Megan & Chris,

Remember how I kept saying that Chris reminded me of my friend Ryan.  And how I almost called Chris “Ryan” about five times when we did your engagement shoot?  Well I thought you should see what he looks like.

This is Ryan.


Can you see it?  Maybe it’s the plaid.

Anyway, with that out of the way…. you two are adorable together!  Megan, I love the way you would so delicately reach for Chris’s hand, tenderly holding on to just a couple of fingers.  And how the two of you just seem to go together.  It probably comes from the fact that you both have such compassionate hearts.  Even in the careers that you’ve chosen, teaching and nursing, it’s obvious that you both have a deep love for people.  And it shows in how you relate to one another.

I mean, just look at how cute you are!

Fullerton Engagement Photography02Fullerton Engagement Photography01Fullerton Engagement Photography3

Such pretty light just makin’ you glow, Megan!

Fullerton Engagement Photography4

So cute.

Fullerton Engagement Photography5Fullerton Engagement Photography6Fullerton Engagement Photography7Fullerton Engagement Photography8Fullerton Engagement Photography11Fullerton Engagement Photography12Fullerton Engagement Photography19

And I loved the props you brought!

Fullerton Engagement Photography13

Here you are, drawing each others portrait.  What did you think when you finally saw what each other had drawn?(they didn’t see until I emailed them their photos).

Fullerton Engagement Photography14

I think it’s funny that you both drew each other with your tongues sticking out.  See… you’re perfect for each other! 😛

Fullerton Engagement Photography15Fullerton Engagement Photography16


Fullerton Engagement Photography17Fullerton Engagement Photography18Fullerton Engagement Photography21

There is way too much cute-ness for one post, so stay tuned for the second half!

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