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The way she cuddles into him. The way he cares for her. It all just shows how grateful these two are to have finally found each other. They met at a restaurant in Long Beach. You may get two different stories about who approached who first. They had their first date in the same area […]

Yvonne & Saul- Long Beach Engagement Photos

March 14, 2017


You know when you plan an outdoor wedding, there’s always that fear: What if it rains???? Even in Southern California it does happen. And it did happen on Jill & Bryan’s wedding day. The Fullerton Arboretum is a gorgeous setting for a garden wedding. Jill and Bryan were to be married under the Wisteria Arbor […]

Jill & Bryan- Fullerton Arboretum Wedding

March 4, 2017


I love New York. So much so that one time my friend and I opted for a 24 hour layover there “on the way” to Aruba. If geography is not your strong suit, like me, New York is not even a little bit “on the way” from Los Angles to Aruba. But nonetheless, we managed […]

Sonia & Kenny- Dreams Do Come True- New York Fall Engagement Photos- Central Park & Brooklyn

January 10, 2017


Annie and Bryant met at UC Irvine. Bryant’s path would lead him back to his hometown, in the Bay Area. Annie would eventually follow. But when Bryant decided to go back to school, their journey together led them back to Southern California, Annie’s home. Since they met in college, and since grad school at USC […]

Annie & Bryant- USC Engagement Photos- Los Angeles

March 15, 2016


What a fun engagement session this was! Colleen & Jeremy just have so much fun with each other. A few years ago the two cuties moved from Pennsylvania to Long Beach for their dream jobs. And they fell in love with their city. The variety that Long Beach has to offer shows so well in […]

Colleen & Jeremy- Long Beach Engagement Photos

March 4, 2016


I am so excited for these two! It was a long time coming, but they are getting married this weekend and I can’t imagine a couple more right for each other. You know those couples that just seem to go together? Yeah, theyr’e one of those! Sean fixes airplanes, ’cause… you know… everyone knows someone […]

Kanan & Sean- Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

February 19, 2016


When I was single I wished that I had a friend that would say to me, “I have the PERFECT person for you!” And then proceed to do everything they could to make the stars align so that we could meet and find that we were indeed meant for each other. Well, Chris & Ashley […]

Chris & Ashley- Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

February 5, 2016


When Teri first contacted me about she and Paul’s wedding, she described them as two fun and energetic 50 year olds. She wasn’t kidding! These two are such a fun and loving couple who are in love like a couple of teenagers! For their first date, they met for drinks at the Surf and Sand […]

Teri & Paul- Laguna Beach Engagement Photos-Surf and Sand Resort

April 14, 2015


Often when I’m talking with a couple about where to do their engagement session, I recommend choosing a place that has meaning to them. Maybe somewhere they like to hang out or where they had their first date or maybe even where they got engaged. And I love it when their engagement photos look like […]

Christine & Jon- San Diego, Little Italy Engagement Photos

March 30, 2015


Ooooohhhhh…. these two. I can’t even handle the cuteness. I can’t believe I get to be the one to photograph the beginning of their lives as husband and wife in a few days. She’s a nurse, he’s an engineer. She’s got the most beautiful, crystal blue eyes. He looks at her like she’s the only […]

Sarah & Dustin- San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photos

February 27, 2015