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So much about Cari & Scott’s wedding was about dreams coming true. I think at times Cari thought her prince charming might need show up. And when he did…. all 6’8″ of him… he was a dream come true. Just the sweetest guy with a heart of gold. When Cari was very young, she went […]

Scott & Cari- The Hacienda, Santa Ana Wedding

March 15, 2017


The way she cuddles into him. The way he cares for her. It all just shows how grateful these two are to have finally found each other. They met at a restaurant in Long Beach. You may get two different stories about who approached who first. They had their first date in the same area […]

Yvonne & Saul- Long Beach Engagement Photos

March 14, 2017


You know when you plan an outdoor wedding, there’s always that fear: What if it rains???? Even in Southern California it does happen. And it did happen on Jill & Bryan’s wedding day. The Fullerton Arboretum is a gorgeous setting for a garden wedding. Jill and Bryan were to be married under the Wisteria Arbor […]

Jill & Bryan- Fullerton Arboretum Wedding

March 4, 2017


Thomas & Suzanne got married on the best day of the year. My birthday! Many friends were telling me it was a bummer that I had to work on my birthday. Not at all! Not if you get to be surrounded by love and beauty and wonderful people! Every once in a while I shoot […]

Thomas & Suzanne- American Martyrs Church Wedding, Manhattan Beach

February 24, 2017


Colleen & Jeremy’s wedding was beautiful. There’s nothing like a garden wedding and South Coast Botanic Gardens does not disappoint. This was my first time there and I instantly saw why Colleen & Jeremy fell in love with this place! It’s just gorgeous! These two are a fun loving couple. Both of them have lived […]

Colleen & Jeremy- South Coast Botanic Garden Wedding, Palos Verdes Wedding Photographer

February 2, 2017


Someone recently pointed out that I am always saying how much fun I had with such and such clients at their wedding or with their family. With a sly, suspicious eye she asked, “Is that really true?” Yes! Yes it really is! I mean, I have one of the best jobs ever! Everyone is looking […]

Chris & Ashley- Laguna Beach Surf & Sand Resort Wedding

January 20, 2017


I love New York. So much so that one time my friend and I opted for a 24 hour layover there “on the way” to Aruba. If geography is not your strong suit, like me, New York is not even a little bit “on the way” from Los Angles to Aruba. But nonetheless, we managed […]

Sonia & Kenny- Dreams Do Come True- New York Fall Engagement Photos- Central Park & Brooklyn

January 10, 2017


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve seen me post weddings from Maravilla Gardens. And if you’ve read my posts you’ve heard me go on and one about this place. About how it’s magical and the light is incredible… yada yada yada! Well it’s still true. This place does not disappoint. And […]

Annie & Bryant- Maravilla Gardens Wedding- Camarillo, CA

December 28, 2016


It’s always fun when I get to photograph a wedding of two people that I know. But to get to photograph Robert & Emily’s wedding, after watching them throughout their dating relationship, was such a joy. I was so happy to be there to watch them unite their lives together. And to have it be […]

Robert & Emily- Fullerton, CA

December 27, 2016


This wedding has so many beautiful details. Start of with the sweetest bride and groom who are so excited to be getting married after knowing each other for 10 years. Add a gorgeous dress and awesome venue like the Bowers Museum. Then mix it all up with the magic that Willow & Wine bring. You’ve […]

Paige & Don- Bowers Museum Wedding_ Santa Ana, CA

September 9, 2016