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I'm Jen, a Southern California based photographer and it's my honor to create portraits that celebrate some of the most important seasons of life.
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So, it’s been pretty quiet around this here blog. And rightfully so. We just had a baby! I’d love to introduce him to you…. but first, let’s get caught up on what life has been like the past several months. Well… I was pregnant. (duh) Tony and I tried for over a year to get […]

Introducing… Our Greatest Adventure Yet.

October 16, 2015


Recently Tony and I went on vacation. We were all over California for a week, but our ultimate destination was gorgeous Napa for a friend’s wedding. Sure, we were on vacation, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to shoot in the beauty that is Napa. As we drove, I found myself drawn to the golden […]

The Barberi’s~ Napa Family Photos

May 12, 2015


Oh my goodness. Could you just die! This kid…. I mean. I just want to squeeze him! If you couldn’t guess by his shirt, little Sullivan, Sully to his parents (how cute is that?) recently turned one. Sessions like this are particularly fun for me. Why? Well, other than the fact that this child is […]

One~ Corona Family Portraits

May 4, 2015


This little guy had no problem falling asleep. But every time we moved him he was afraid he might be missing the party! But with a face this cute…. I mean, c’mon!

Ezra Jase- Orange County Newborn Photos

April 3, 2015


I love it when I get to meet new families and take their family portraits. And I love to find out how we got connected. This mama found me through a co-worker, who I actually never met! She had seen my website when she was looking for a wedding photographer, but didn’t ultimately contact me. […]

The Lee Family- LA Arboretum Family Portraits

March 5, 2015


This post is long overdue. This little one is now a few months old, so I figured I better get this posted… well… before she starts kindergarten! I couldn’t have been more excited for the arrival of Baby Isabella. Her parents are dear friends of ours and we couldn’t wait to hold her and squeeze […]

Little Isabella- Orange County Newborn Photographer

February 23, 2015


Oh what a sweetie pie this little gal is. She recently celebrated her 1st Birthday and needed some photos to show how cute she is! She’s a rough tough cream puff!

Little Lucy

January 22, 2015


This year was the first time I’ve done Holiday Mini-Sessions and it was a blast! Exhausting… but awesome! I had the privilege of photographing 8 amazing families and Murray loved letting people crawl all over him! 😉 AND thanks to these families, we collected a ton of canned food that went to help families in […]

Christmas Mini-Sessions with Murray!- part 1

December 9, 2014


It’s almost Christmas! Oh my goodness! And it’s been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I’ve blogged anything. I’ve just been so busy shooting and keeping clients happy and designing beach towels. But now…. I have time to catch my breath. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Usually I try to blog things in order of when I shot them, but at […]

Christmas Tree Farm Family Portraits- Brea Portrait Photographer -Peltzer Pines

December 9, 2014


There are little less than 4 weeks left until our holiday mini sessions and we’ve got just a few spots left! We are going to have so much fun! I’ve got a couple of things to update you on. First, knowing that the holidays are a difficult time for a lot of people, we’ve decided […]

2014 Holiday Mini Sessions Update!

October 6, 2014