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I'm Jen, a Southern California based photographer and it's my honor to create portraits that celebrate some of the most important seasons of life.
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Sean & Sofia were planning a wedding in Singapore, but they wanted to have their engagement photos done in the city they plan to live in. You never have to twist my arm to do a shoot in Los Angeles. There are just so many cool places to go and so many even more unique […]

Sean & Sofia- Downtown Los Angeles, Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement Photos

December 27, 2016


Lauren and Jason have known each other since high school. Crazy, right? I mean how often do you hear about high school sweethearts getting married these days? Well these two are and they are just a blast. Lauren works in the entertainment industry. Jason is a scientist. Their occupations couldn’t be more different. But one […]

Tour de Los Angeles- Lauren & Jason’s Engagement Session

October 18, 2013


Dear Readers, It’s been a while since I’ve written a real personal post.  But I think it’s about time I catch you all up on me. There’s been a lot going on in the past few months.  I’ve been pretty busy, which is one of the reasons for the lack of blogging.  It is the […]

A Little Introduction

August 10, 2012


Dear Chris & Laura, What a magical day!  First, Chris gets down on one knee (in a Prince Charming costume, no less) to propose to you, Laura.  Then, full of excitement and lots of smiles, we headed into one of Laura’s happiest places on earth.  Disneyland! Laura, could you be any cuter? OK, seriously…. remember […]

Disneyland Proposal-Part 2-Chris & Laura

March 2, 2012


Some of you know that I used to do graphic design full time. I love the way that the design skills help me so much in my photography business. I still do some design on the side. I design mostly beach towels. It’s funny, but when someone finds out that I do that, they are […]

You design what?????

April 14, 2011


I think people desire vulnerability.  Based on the response to this blog post, it’s obvious that we respond when others are vulnerable. Is it because we live in a culture that so often focuses on appearances and impressing others?  Are we longing  for something that’s real?  Maybe. About a week and a half ago, I […]


April 7, 2011


I met up with Charlie and Betty in Laguna Beach recently for their engagement session.  Just so you know, Laguna is REALLY crowded this time of year.  So all of us had been sitting in a bunch of traffic, wondering if we were going to make it in time.  I saw Betty walking as fast […]

It Started with a Prayer-Charlie & Betty-Laguna Beach Engagement Photography

August 16, 2010


6 years ago I bought some hydrangea plants at the flower mart to put on the stage at my aunt’s wedding.  Two of the plants survived…. and how! They survived moves to two different apartments.  I thought I had killed them off many times, but they just kept coming back! Finally…. they got a permanent […]

Favorite Things Friday

July 8, 2010


These two rock!  When I first sat down with Brandon and Stephanie to talk about their wedding we talked about how awesome it is to dress up for theme parties.  They are my kind of peeps!  As we brainstormed about what to do for their engagement session, they mentioned that some of the things they […]

Rock & Roll!-Brandon & Stephanie-Claremont Engagement Photography

May 24, 2010